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Is Needham a good place to live?

Posted on 19. Jul, 2012 by in Everything Else

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Needham, Massachusetts, for one reason or another, has been the home of famous authors, athletes, and decorated war heroes.  It is the hometown of a current Olympic gymnast, a former New Kids on the Block singer, and a star of the TV series Mad Men.  And, above all else, it is where thousands of Boston professionals choose to reside because it can offer a convenient, yet suburban lifestyle.

While far enough outside of Boston proper to keep home prices reasonable, Needham is still close enough to offer an easy commute into the city.  (In fact, the commuter rail runs direct from Needham into South Station.)

First settled in 1680 and officially incorporated in 1711, Needham is a relatively small, historic town just west of I-95 and south of I-90.  The town itself is roughly the shape of an acute triangle that stretches across a total area of 12.7 miles.  With the Charles River to the south and northeast, Wellesley to the northwest, and Newton and Dedham nearby, Needham is in close proximity to some other great towns and suburbs of Boston.

Territory experienced a very competitive market in Needham this spring dealing with many multi-bid scenarios. Remarkably, 11 out of 52 homes in Needham sold at or over the asking price in the last month–that is 20%!

So, is Needham a good place to live?  Roughly 29,000 people sure seem to think so.  As usual, here is a quick glance of what Needham has to offer.

Restaurants and Eateries:

Real Estate Market Facts:

7/2011- 7/2012

  • 309 Properties sold
  • Median sale price $812,199
  • Homes sold at an average of 97 % of their list price

7/2005- 7/2006

  • 308 Properties sold
  • Median sale price $768,453
  • Homes sold at an average of 96% of their list price

Things to Do/See:

  • Needham Bowlaway (candlepin bowling)
  • Arts in the Park (Thursday nights in the summer—free family concerts)


  • Annual Street Fair hosted by the Needham Business Association (38 years running)  (June)
  • 4th of July celebration and town parade (July)
  • City Wide Block Party (September)
  • Harvest Festival and Souperbowl (October)

Fun Facts:

  • Site of a Coke bottling plant and Trader Joe’s packing plant.
  • Has the second longest running high school football rivalry (Needham and Wellesley), which began in 1881.
  •  Needham is full of painted Adirondack chairs as a part of the “A Chair to Remember” fundraising project.
  • There is a Community farm where residents can come to either learn about or help grow crops for the community food pantry.
  • Celebrated 300 years in 2011.

Notable Residents:

  • Jeff Taylor, founder of, attended Needham High School
  • James S. GraceyCommandant of the Coast Guard, lived in Needham and attended the high school
  • Joey McIntyre, singer-songwriter and actor, was born in Needham
  • Eric Johnson, New Orleans Saints tight end, was born and raised in Needham and played football, basketball, and volleyball for Needham High School. Now engaged to celebrity Jessica Simpson.
  • Kristine Lilly, former U.S women’s soccer player, currently lives in Needham.
  • John Slattery, actor on Mad Men, went to high school at Saint Sebastian’s School in Needham.
  • Aly Raisman, graduate of Needham High, is headed to the Olympic Games in London as a part of the women’s gymnastics team.


Throughout Needham there are affordable ranch homes like this one, million plus colonials like this, and modest condos like this one—a true variety for all tastes and budgets.  If you’d like to learn more about any of the offerings, or would simply like to find out more about how our buyer agent style can save you money, give us a call today!

Browse all of the properties in Needham here and find your favorites!


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