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Is Charlestown a Good Place to Live?

Posted on 09. Jun, 2012 by in Everything Else

Is Charlestown a Good Place to Live?

Where can you find sunrise over the harbor, sweeping city views, wide-open star-filled nights?  Not far from downtown in the small, history-laden peninsula known as Charlestown—that’s where!  Whether you are a history buff or a seaside dreamer, there is plenty to love about Charlestown.  Situated just north of the Charles River and across from downtown Boston, this relatively small community was the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and is home to such famous landmarks as Bunker Hill and is the docking site of the USS Constitution .

There are slightly more than 16,000 who call this water-side community home.  Its old village charm, coupled with its accessibility to the city has made it an increasingly attractive settling place.  There are only a handful of schools (Boston School District) in Charlestown proper:  2 elementary level, 2 middle and 3 high schools.  Among those, the highest rated is the Warren-Prescott School for grades K-8.

As far as real estate goes, the market in Charlestown has been pretty stable in the midst of an unstable general market.  In the last five years, it’s only seen a 2.7% drop in inventory and a 1.7% drop in price.  These are really impressive numbers, considering other places in and around Boston where the swing can reach 40 or 50% in either direction.    What is it that makes this one-square-mile town so special?

Here are a few of the highlights.

Real Estate Market Facts:

  • 1/1/2005 – 1/1/2006
    • 217 properties sold
    • Median price $427,500
  • 1/1/2011 – 2012
    • 223 properties sold
    • Median price $420,000

Restaurants and Eateries:

Things to Do/See:

  • USS Constitution- The oldest commissioned vessel, still sits in the ship yard as a museum.
  • Bunker Hill Monument- Commemorates the famous battle fought on this site on June 17, 1775.
  • Boston Swing Central- Boston Swing Central is a dancer-formed, non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to promoting positive and fun swing dancing experiences in Boston.  They hold dances every Friday night!
  • Sailboat charters and party boat excursions from the harbor.


  • The Georges Company is moving ahead with construction of a long-delayed condominium complex on a former Big Dig parcel in Charlestown.  Vacant for nearly two decades, this area will be filled by 17 condo units.  The project, to be called Warren Green, also includes a publicly accessible park.
  • Starting in July, the Charlestown Branch of the Boston Public Library will undergo a five-month long renovation.  Improvements will include a new roof, cooling system, landscaping, and self-check-out machines.


Fun Facts:

Charlestown was the burying place of John Harvard, namesake of Harvard University.

  • Backdrop for 2010 Affleck film, The Town.
  • Population = roughly 16,000
  • The location from which Paul Revere began his famous “midnight ride” before the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Notable Residents:

Charlestown really is a good blend of classic beauty and modern comfort.  Even being in such close proximity to downtown Boston, this small town still manages to uphold an identity all of its own.  From gas lamp-lined streets to five-star dining and water-side views, it is an equally great place to visit and live!  And, with quite a bit of new construction tossed in with more classic structural gems, it boasts of an attractive variety of real estate for all tastes.


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